Guide for Electro Cauterization

Here we will discuss Electro cauterization in full detail starting from the definition going up to the actual process and also the side effects.

First of all let us look at the definition of the process of Electro cauterization-

Electro cauterization is a surgical process that is usually conducted on a patient’s body in order to stop if there is any bleeding coming out of any tissue or if the tissue is showing any type of abnormal growth then the tissue is eliminated using the surgical procedure. The same procedure is also used for stopping any type of infection.

Now let us look at the step wise procedure for conducting Electro cauterization-
• You will be advised to avoid taking any medication that makes your blood thin.
• You will also be advised to stop smoking few days before your surgery will be scheduled.
• You will be advised not to drink or eat anything a night before the surgical procedure.

Once we are done with the precautions lets us now get into the actual procedure of the surgery –

• Grounding pad will be kept on your body before starting with the procedure in order to protect you from harmful effects of the electric current.
• Your skin will be cleaned and will be coated with gel in order to avoid burns.
• You will be given local or the general anesthesia as per your requirement
• The doctor will then use electric current in order to seal or destroy the concerned tissue.
• The electric current will not actually enter your body only the tip of the probe will get into the contact of the tissue the hest produced by the contact with then destroy or seal that particular tissue.

Now let us look at some of the risks that are associated with the procedure of Electro cauterization-
✓ Mild bleeding
✓ Infection
✓ Pain or slight discomfort

But the doctor will prescribe pain killers in order to reduce the pain and also will prescribe antibiotics in order to reduce the risk of any type of infection.

Given below are some more factors that can complicate the procedure of your surgery-

• Any medical issue associated with your lungs, kidneys or heart.
• Any type of reaction because of anesthesia. • Obesity
• Any allergy to food or medication
• Alcohol use
• Smoking

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